Online Security is the capacity to recognize online threats, as well as understanding how to protect yourself from them. This includes safeguarding your personal information as well as avoiding malware and recognizing dangerous or illegal content.

Cyber security is essential for students, who are increasingly spending their time online. They must be aware that there are real threats to their privacy and security like cyberbullying and identity theft. They should also be aware the fact that reckless or careless Internet behaviors can have serious consequences. For instance, a New Hampshire politician, for instance, was fired because he posted inappropriate photos and posts on social media regarding his opponents.

There are many things that could go wrong, whether they’re shopping, playing games, or just chatting with their friends. It’s easy to click on a malicious link within an email, text message, or online advertisement, which can cause your device to be infected with malware. Once an inappropriate or embarrassing comment or image has been uploaded and posted, it’s almost impossible to remove.

To help children learn about the important issues surrounding cyber safety, teachers can incorporate a variety fun activities into their classes. Students can create a digital cartoon about the dangers of bullying, or meet someone they met online in person to spark classroom discussions and develop critical thinking and media literacy. Students can also be taught about cyber security by making a mock article.


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